Article Writing and Article Marketing – How to Present and Market Articles at Writer’s Conferences

You’ve decided to attend a writer’s conference but you don’t have a book. No problem. Showcase your writing ability and writing style using articles featured in article directories. By glancing through your published articles, editors will know at a glance if your message is a perfect fit for their company.

You are a professional, especially if you have published articles. Don’t be afraid to market your articles. According to Jeff Herring, “Article writing is sharing a slice of your expertise with others. Article marketing is getting your expertise in front of as many eyes as possible, in as many consumable forms as possible.” If we accept his statement as true, writer’s conferences are the ideal place to share a slice of your expertise while getting it in front of as many eyes as possible.

As a professional who writes articles, market your articles in a way that appeals to others. Here are some tips to effectively present and market your articles at writer’s conferences.

  1. Purchase a nice presentation binder for your articles. You are a writer looking for a job. Your articles are your resume. Invest the money and time selecting the right binder that suits your purpose. You can be creative with the cover but know that your articles are what the editors are interested in.
  2. Group your articles by topic. At a glance, editors can see your diversity.
  3. Insert your articles in protective sheets. You are a professional, make your articles as attractive as possible. Protective sheets keep your articles crisp and stainless.
  4. Don’t talk while editors are reading your articles unless they ask you a question. Give editors an opportunity to experience your expertise. The less you distract them, the more they are able to focus on your articles.
  5. If an editor isn’t interested in your articles, thank him or her and walk away. Don’t argue or try to persuade them that you are an excellent writer. Article marketers know that their articles will not meet the needs of everyone who reads them.
  6. Keep a record of editors interested in your articles. Get their contact information. If they ask you to send them more information, DO IT! Don’t procrastinate. Your articles have opened a door of opportunity for you. Don’t be afraid to walk through it.

The next time you attend a writer’s conference, be prepared to market your articles. Use every opportunity to get your articles in front of as many eyes as possible in a way that does not offend editors. You will be well pleased with your article marketing results. Your extra bonus will be the personal contacts you make at writer’s conferences.

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